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We provide complete solutions including:

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Beyond the standard BBLOX solutions, we develop and supply the dryer tailored to your needs, For any purpose, indoor and outdoor use, from 10 to more than 1000 m2.

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Power, type and positioning

Desiccant or condensation dehumidifiers - Choosing a dehumidifier is critical to the performance and operating cost of your drying process. We have solutions from 20 to 1000 lts/day.

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Power, type and positioning

Cold or hot ventilation from outside

Indoor forced ventilation

Direct product ventilation with and without pressurization

The air stores and transports moisture that is removed from the goods to be dried. Therefore, the ventilation plays a fundamental role in the process of dehumidification. The type and power of the fans and its placement, are critical for a convenient air circulation. In addition to the ambient circulation, we also have direct product ventilation solutions, the combination of the two, leads to faster and higher quality results.

Solutions 4

Heating and cooling

Air forcing, cold or hot, with or without solar panels.

The temperature window required to dehydrate your product, as the killing step (if necessary), means choosing equipment adapted to your geographical location and surrounding environment of your facilities. We have combined solutions: solar, electric, diesel or others, for safely conditioning the temperature of your dryer.

Solutions 5

BBKW Controller

Controlling and monitoring your process anywhere

Moisture loss curves for your products

Cost control and program adjustment

The BBKW controller is the brain of your system. Beyond controlling the entire process, it gives you the tools for a perfect performance. Tune your drying program by using your product's weight loss curve and matching it with your chosen parameterization, compare results and optimize your system, or leave it to us.

Solutions 6

Definition of dehydration recipes, including calculation of the killing step to each product to be dried

We can establish and design the whole dehydration process for very demanding products like cannabis and other pharmaceuticals goods, on the other hand and if you need a killing step in your process we can help you set it up in a safely way, without sacrificing the quality of your product, avoiding exaggerated processes with the inherent costs.

Safe, standardized and high-quality results with reduction of costs


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